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FaceDetection in Flash

Our research currently concentrates on realtime image processing with Adobe Flash. With the help of Adobe Alchemy and OpenCV we have successfully developed a Flash face-detection. The face-detection is running at approximately 15 frames per second (browser with Flash and up-to-date hardware required), features high accuracy and only very little false detection. It is therefore applicable for a number of operation areas, e.g. the simulation of a 3D-object on a two-dimensional screen.

All that in your browser and in realtime !

The facedetection relies on a face-database by OpenCV. The image captured by the webcam is filtered to black-and-white and subsequently a so-called integral image is calculated. This image is scaled to different sizes and with the help of haar features it is scanned by a rectangle and results are compared to the face-database entries, to find any number of faces.

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3D face-mapping

3D face model, loaded together with any texture in flash.

Button Motion Interaction

Skin detection to execute virtual buttons.

Cursor Interaction through Motion

Due to our motion detection you can move a cursor by waving your hand.

3D effect by head-tracking

With help of our – in Alchemy (+OpenCV) contsructed – FaceDetection, we developed a small Demo-3D-Engine. This engine sends a stereoscopic picture which alters through Head-movement, to look like a real object, the screen just acts as a window.

Skin-Motion Detection

A combination of our skin- and or motion-detection.


With Flash and Adobe Alchemy we could develop a realtime-image-processing software which detects and marks skin over webcam. This recognition method works best in daylight.